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Snapshot Feed

Taiza Crabs in The Ryokan

A basket of Taiza crabs from the days catch are presented to you at the ryokan just a few minutes walk from the sea. These crabs are very sought after at this time of year and are a real treat.  They are presented in different ways throughout an evening meal. Shabu shabu, Tempura, sashimi etc. A real delicacy.

Tango - Walk Through A Coastal Town

A short walk around the rocks and you will see the small bay area of Tango - Fisherman's boats sit on the shore with nets and crab baskets. Despite rain, wind and very low light my GR managed to capture a few moments before the light was gone.

The Sea Of Japan

Walking by the Sea of Japan in Tango (North Kyoto Prefecture). A tiny little town that has the  feeling its sleeping in a bygone era. Tiny houses and traditional Japanese Ryokan Inns line the narrow streets. Taiza Kani crabs can be found in the sea and are indigenous to this place - They can only be caught in November and December and as such are very sought after.   

From The Cliff

Newhaven Sunset

Newhaven Dusk

Having my trusty Ricoh GR in my pocket most of the time these days I thought it was time to start publishing stuff on a more regular basis. Everyday things and everyday thoughts.

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